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Duel Commander Rules 8 Nov 2016 News by: Olivier

The Duel Commander format (previously 1v1 EDH) is mainly based on the multiplayer Commander rules

  • It’s an Eternal format, there are no extensions rotation. Exactly like with Vintage and Legacy, all black or white borders editions are legal.

  • Singleton format: except for basic lands, you cannot have more than 1 of each card.

  • A deck must contain exactly 99 cards and 1 commander, there is no sideboard.

  • The commander must be a legendary creature card. It starts the game in the command zone and can be cast as if it was in your hand. If it has to move frome a zone to another one, its owner can decide to place him back to the command zone. It will then cost 2 more generic mana to cast for each time it was already cast from the command zone.

  • Each card has a color identity which corresponds to the mana colors in its cost and rule text. You can only have cards with a color identity included in your commander’s identity in your deck.

Compared to multiplayer commander, there are some particularities

  • For many years, the starting health points used to be 30 (40 for multiplayer commander). Now each player starts the game with 20 health point as in all classic 1 versus 1 format. The recommended round time is 50 minutes.

  • Due to the new change in the health points, there is no “21 commander damages” rule anymore.

  • The mulligan used to be different from the one used in sanctioned format (partial mulligan). The scy-mulligan is now the official mulligan.

  • Duel Commander has its own banlist.

Current banlist for Duel Commander European Cup at Eternal Weekend Paris 2016

With the new 20hp rules, the following cards are no longer banned since November 8:

Ante cards are banned, and also the following cards:

The following cards are also banned from being played as a commander: