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30 Oct- 1 Nov 2015

CCC Lyon 50 Quai Charles de Gaulle, 69463 Lyon, France

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GP Lyon 2015 VIP check-in and Deck Registration 29 Oct 2015 News by: Kevin

[Warning : This post only applies to players who registered as VIPs]


Dear VIP player,


Thank you very much for coming to GP Lyon.

So as to enhance your experience at the GP, we would like to explain how to claim your VIP bracelet and gifts and the Deck Building procedure. Please read carefully:



VIP Bracelet and Gifts


VIP Bracelets and gifts will be available at the Welcome Desk (on the left of the Registration area) on Friday (12:00-21:00) or Saturday (08:00-22:00)

To get them, you will simply need to show a photo ID (Passport, ID card or Driver’s licence)


Deck Construction


On Saturday morning, you can come anytime you wish to build your deck. You will not be seated along with the other players but taken care of individually.

Where: A dedicated area will have been reserved for this procedure based on tournament needs. Please report to the Welcome Desk to inquire where it will be.

When: The only requirement is that you are finished building by the moment the first round you should play begins. Here are the times we recommend you to show up at the latest:

0 byes => 09:45

1 bye  => 11:00

2 byes => 12:15

3 byes => 13:30

We guarantee that showing up at these time will give you the full 30 minutes to build before the first round you should play starts.


Thank you for playing at GP Lyon and see you on Friday or Saturday!


BoM’s team!